Sunday, January 05, 2014

Life on PZ Ridge

As a child, I could make mudpies and wade mud puddles to my heart's content. This was so relaxing - to feel the mud between my toes. When it rains, just try walking barefoot in your garden or yard - it saves lots of nerve pills.

I learned kinds of trees, plants, birds, and insects, and all of this was very important to me. Lots of people that I know ask now, "As you go along or look out, what do you see?" They just see trees and plants, but not kinds of trees. Then they say, "Well, I know this is an oak or pine."

I think this is so sad because as I ride along, I see all kinds of trees, which I know by the leaves, bark, and shape. I would be most miserable to just see a cluster of trees. It bothers me to see one kind that I cannot recognize. I try to remember to look it up later.

Once I rocked my baby brother Lee all night when he had pneumonia. He grew up to be very special. Like all of my sisters and brothers, he has a fine family of his own now. I too am married now, since 1941. I met and married a wonderful person and have two daughters. I will not talk of this much as my husband does not want me to. But someday I may write of my grownup life and raising my own dear children.

I have often wished I was more like my mama. She seemed to always enjoy everything. Now as I write, she is 94 years old and does not know any of us when we visit her. But she is so happy. She whispers and giggles all of the time and never complains. She eats every bit of her food, even though she must now be fed. She still loves chocolate candy and bananas.

Most of the people I knew back then are gone, dead or moved on to other places. Only memories remain - memories that fade a little more each year. And so I write them down so that the children and grandchildren of other generations may know and remember how it was back then growing up on PZ Ridge.

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